Richard Penner
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Objective Talented programmer seeks challenging position with the goal of producing computer software with beneficial social impact.
Strong problem solving and programming experience in high pressure environments. Developed numerical exploration, analysis and runtime tools in C. Developed user interfaces with Java, curses and X-windows. Very detailed oriented, writing Linux kernel code. Very strong math skills and technical insight facilitate quick and correct design.
  • System Administration, System Analysis and Applications Programming with C, C++, Perl, csh, sh, Java, yacc/bison, lex/flex
  • Experience with Solaris, Linux, SunOS 4.1.X and HP/UX
  • Contributor to USB-MIDI package for Linux (device drivers).
  • Familiar with UNIX text & graphic utilities, including: troff, TranScript, HTML, eqn, tbl, awk, sed, PBM, FBM
  • Familiar with UNIX applications and development tools, including: DDTS, ClearCase, Oracle, Netscape Servers, CGI programming.
  • Graphical Applications Programming with Symantec C
  • Systems Programming with Code Warrior
  • Hardware repair of Macintosh products
PC (Windows)
Minor programming in C, COMMAND.COM
  • Can read: Pascal, Fortran, 680x0 Assembly, 6502 Assembly, 80x86 Assembly
  • Familiar with Forth and network applications programming
  • Familiar with GUI programming on a variety of platforms and software packages
CRM division of Peoplesoft (was Vantive) (as Taos Contractor) 2000-2001
  • Engineering
    • Benchmarked cross-platform applications
    • Introduced new methodologies for certifying deployment configuration
    • Identified non-thread safe code in production
    • Wrote new framework for testing JSP applications
    • Wrote PureJava RPC implementation to support legacy applications
    • Wrote well-documented features for Products, including Web standards, GUI installers and
    • Implemented a code review as part of Best Engineering practices
    • Wrote two applications for Java-based testing and creation of large QA test databases
    • Wrote user manuals and the the specification for a toolkit to check software packages on multiple platforms
  • Software Tools
    • Automated export of Outlook Public Folders
    • Evaluated software tools for cross-platform development and source management
  Nortel Networks (as Taos Contractor) 1999-2000
  • ClearCase automation and administration
    • Automated archive of legacy version control system to ClearCase
    • Introduced ClearCase Performance Tuning Audit
    • Responsible for introducing CGI front-end advancing release schedule by weeks
  Network Equipment Technologies (Taos) 1998-1999
  • ClearCase administration 
    • Led project to rewrite build scripts for efficiency
    • Automated archive of uncontrolled third-party software to ClearCase
  • Software Development Support
    • Introduced Solaris Performance Tuning to Engineers
    • Responsible for introducing CGI front-end to internal help desk
  DHL (Taos) 1997-1998
  • ClearCase administration and Release Engineering
    • Trained Replacement
    • Introduced support hierarchy for ClearCase issues
    • Responsible for introducing several automation scripts to take load off of system administrators
  TCSI (Taos) 1997
  • Release Engineering
    • Resource for migration to ClearCase
    • Responsible for Oracle, DDTS, Builds and Packaging
    • Developed fast tape loader resulting in 50x speedup of installation
    • Responsible for mothballing project
  Deutsche Morgan Grenfell 1996-1997
  • Full-time, System Administrator, Programmer Analyst, and Applications Programmer for San Diego division of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell.
    • General technical resource for San Diego department
    • Trained replacement
    • Responsible for coding advances
  Sugihara Trading Systems 1995-1996
  • Full-time, sole System Administrator and Applications Programmer for STS.
  • 3/4-time, off-campus, sole System Administrator and Applications Programmer for startup company.
    • Recoded utilities for faster development time and better control by non-programmers
  George Sugihara 1992-1995
  • Part-time, off-campus, Applications Programmer for startup company.
    • Implemented numerical techniques to specifications
    • Implemented curses-based UI for numerical database program
    • Implemented automation of modem-based telecommunication and data retrieval from unreliable sites.
Education University of California at San Diego 1988-1996
  • Part-time, on-campus, UNIX, PC and Macintosh Help Staff for students and staff
  • 6 years as part-time, on-campus Programmer, Systems Analyst and System Administrator for university professor, including integration of multiple UNIX machines and Macintoshes.
  Morse High School, San Diego 1988
  • Three years of Apple computer repair
  • Developed database for Head Counselor's career counseling program
References Furnished upon request.

Richard Penner