Class InfoList


public class InfoList
extends java.lang.Object

One or more of a series of structured comment chunks, as described in the RIFF documentation in the Microsoft Multimedia Programmer's Reference Manual. Some of the chunks which might be included in an INFO list, and their meaning in a NIFF file are listed below. These are strictly for documentation purposes, and do not affect the interpretation of the values in the file.
RIFF INFO ListLIST ChunkSetup Section ListINFO
ContentsRequiredIn Any OrderDescription
FourByteConstant.IARL ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.IART ChunksNOYESartist - the composer of the score
FourByteConstant.ICMS ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ICMT ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ICOP ChunksNOYEScopyright
FourByteConstant.ICRD ChunksNOYEScreation date of the file
FourByteConstant.ICRP ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.IDIM ChunksNOYESdimensions of each page
FourByteConstant.IDPI ChunksNOYESdots per inch
FourByteConstant.IENG ChunksNOYESengineer - editor, or person responsible for the notation's appearance
FourByteConstant.IGNR ChunksNOYESgenre - orchestral, jazz, pop song, classical piano, string quartet, theory example, etc.
FourByteConstant.IKEY ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ILGT ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.IMED ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.INAM ChunksNOYESname - name of score
FourByteConstant.IPLT ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.IPRD ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ISBJ ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ISFT ChunksNOYESsoftware - name of writing program
FourByteConstant.ISHP ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ISRC ChunksNOYES
FourByteConstant.ISRF ChunksNOYESsource form - previous data format, such as paper, MIDI file, synthesizer keyboard entry, etc.
FourByteConstant.ITCH ChunksNOYEStechnician - person operating software at time of output to NIFF file

Field Summary
static FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Summary
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Field Detail


public static final FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Detail


public InfoList()