Class CustomGraphicsList


public class CustomGraphicsList
extends java.lang.Object

The Custom Graphics list is an optional table in the Setup Section that is used to store fonts and custom graphics. Fonts are stored as PostScript Type 1 or Type 3 font, and graphics are stored in EPS (encapsulated PostScript) format. EPS graphics in the Custom Graphics list table are referred to by means of the Custom Graphic Symbol chunk, which represents a symbol with no musical function, or the Custom Graphic tag, which is applied to a music symbol chunk to override the default appearance of the symbol.
Custom Grpahics ListLIST ChunkSetup Section Listgrph
ContentsRequiredIn Any OrderDescription
ChunkLengthTable.PsType1Font ChunksNO, any numberYESZZZZ
ChunkLengthTable.PsType3Font ChunksNO, any numberYESZZZZ
ChunkLengthTable.EpsGraphic ChunksNO, any numberYESZZZZ

See Also:
ChunkLengthTable.CustomGraphicChk, Tag.customGraphicTag

Field Summary
static FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Summary
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Field Detail


public static final FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Detail


public CustomGraphicsList()