Class StaffGroupingsList


public class StaffGroupingsList
extends java.lang.Object

The Staff Groupings RIFF LIST is a series of Staff Grouping chunks. A Staff Grouping chunk indicates some type of connection at the left end of a series of sequential staves in the score, such as vertical lines, braces or brackets.

The Staff Groupings list in the Setup Section, if present, is the default for the score. The default can be overridden in the Data Section for an individual system by storing a Staff Groupings list immediately following the System Header chunkin the System list in the Data Section. If a system has any hidden parts or is different from the default system in any way, an override Staff Groupings list is required immediately following the System Header chunk. It completely replaces the default Staff Groupings list in the Setup Section.

Staff Groupings ListLIST ChunkSetup Section List or Data Section Listgrup
ContentsRequiredIn Any OrderDescription
ChunkLengthTable.StaffGrouping ChunksYES, any numberNOZZZZ

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Field Summary
static FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Summary
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public static final FourByteConstant listType
Constructor Detail


public StaffGroupingsList()